JETSEN Products

Radiator Coolant

RM14.90 (350ml) / RM18.90 (350ml) - Red

  • For petrol & diesel engines
  • Product of Japan
  • Prevents overheating & rust

Specially formulated to prevent overheating, rust formation, corrosion and fights acid formation. Safe for cast iron, aluminium, copper, brass and rubber. Contains ethylene glycol and rust inhibitor to actively prevent overheating and rust formation.


  • Add 1 can to radiator. If dirty, flush radiator first. Change every 20,000km / 6 months.

Super Glide

RM16.80 (130ml)


JETSEN SUPER GLIDE is a silicone based product and will effectively lubricate, soften and protect window rubber, windscreen wiper, air cond & fan belts of engine and any other rubber surface which are having friction with other surface.

JETSEN SUPER GLIDE is specially formulated with extra low viscosity and fast coating property so that it can give more complete treatment even upto hidden or unreachable part.


For Windscreen Wiper:

  • Lift up the wiper. Apply SUPER GLIDE directly onto both sides of its rubber blade.
  • Allow penetration for 1-2 minutes. Put the wipers back to its position.
  • Turn the wiper for 1-2 minutes to enhance the coating.

For Air Cond & Fan Belts:

  • When engine is cool down. Squirt SUPER GLIDE directly onto surface of the belts especially the inner part.
  • Start engine and run for 1-2 minutes to allow SUPER GLIDE to spread evenly.
  • Avoid re-starting the engine for the next 10 minutes to allow penetration and stronger bonding.

For Power Window:

  • Lower down glass window. Squirt SUPER GLIDE onto window rubber especially inner part, allow to flow downward.
  • Wind up and down several time to ensure SUPER GLIDE solution evenly spread out or until smooth movement is achieved.
  • Avoid re-opening the power window for the next 5 minutes or more to allow SUPER GLIDE coating to enhance and bond stronger.

Headlamp Yellowish Polish

RM25.90 (200ml)



  • Clean the headlamp with a wet cloth.
  • Pour Jetsen Headlamp Yellowish Polish onto micro fiber cloth and polish the headlamp till shine and clean. For best results, use machine polisher (with low speed). Prevent from overheating while doing the polishing with machine.
  • Clean all residues with dry cloth.
  • After Headlamp Yellowish Polish, for best sealing and protecting, apply Silicone Sealant.
  • Headlamp will look like new and shine after use Silicone Sealant.
  • 先洗干净大灯,然后涂上(HLP),直接用机器,摩擦器或用手摩擦到亮为止即可

RAIN S Windshield Washer

RM23.90 (200ml)

The all new Rain-S turns ordinary windshield washer solutions into high performance fluids for improved visibility and driving safety. Makes windshields water and soil repellent and reduces wiper chattering, streaking and smearing.

Floor Cleaner

RM19.90 (500ml) / RM18.90 (400ml)

Floor Cleaner is the Floor Cleaning Chores where no rinsing is required and it’s non-toxic. The functions include: Non-sticky, Cleans & Shine Floor, No Rinsing, Refreshing Fragrance, Moisturizing Action Anti static, Anti Dust, Stain Guard, Prolong Floor Life-span, Soft and Mild to skin and Environmental friendly



  • Campurkan 1 penutup campuran kepada ½ baldi air (lebih kurang 8 liter). Tidak perlu dibilas air selepas menggilap lantai.
  • 将一瓶盖浓缩地板清洁剂倒入半桶清水中(大约8公升),拭抹地板后,无须再次过清水。