JETSEN Products

All In One Supreme Cleaner

RM25.90 (500ml) / RM18.90 (400ml)

FOR ALL WASHABLE SURFACES. ALL IN ONE SUPREME CLEANER is effective to clean all kind of dirty,oily greasy,smoke,stains etc.

适用于所有可洗抹表面。ALL IN ONE SUPREME CLEANER 能有效清除除一切顽固污迹,油迹,烟迹等。


  • Spray directly onto stained surface, use warm wet cloth to remove stain.
  • For carpet or cloth cushion cover, USE dry cleaning method:apply directly on the stained surface then wipe with a warm wet cloth.
  • For cleaning car windscreen: add some into the windscreen water reservoir.
  • To clear misting on car windscreen during rainy day: apply on the inner surface of the windscreen for better driving visibility.
  • 直接喷洒于污迹表面,再以半干湿布抹净分解的污迹即可。
  • 洗抹地毽,布类套垫:以干洗方法将此剂噴洒与脏面再以吸水布或温水加以贴抹干即可。
  • 清洗玻璃擋风镜:可加入汽车雨水箱。
  • 雨水镜蒙蒙时:只需将此剂涂抹车镜内面一层,即可视线清晰。

Silicone Sealant Seal Shinning and Protect

RM23.90 (500ml)

  • Anti Rust防锈
  • Anti Dust防灰尘
  • Ease of use 容易使用
  • Soft hand(Mild) 温和
  • Extra shine(Gloss) 顾外光亮(光泽)
  • Smooth the surface 润滑表面
  • Enhance Waxing Surface 加强持久打蜡表层
  • Protect rubber,PU,PVC (Black look) 保护橡胶,PU,PVC(加强黑色表面)
  • Use for whole car body,include glass surface (water repellent) 适用于整个车身,包括玻璃表面(防水剂)


  • Wash car thoroughly, make sure car is dry.
  • Spray Silicone Sealant on the car body, use a damp cloth spread evenly over car using continuous circular motion with sufficient pressure to remove oxidized paint.
  • When completely dry, simply remove with a soft, clean cloth immediately.
  • 彻底把车洗干净,然后把腊油喷射在车身,用干净的布旋转式涂抹即可。

Master Mosaic Cleaner

RM18.90 (400ml)

MASTER MOSAIC CLEANER(M.M.C) which is also called WASHROOM CLEANER is a specially formulated cleaner,suitable for cleansing steel,encrusting dirt, chromed,mosaic & etc. It is 4 times stronger than ordinary mosaic cleaner.

MASTER MOSAIC CLEANER(M.M.C)又名WASHROOM CLEANER适用於洗抹抹铜,锈,电镀,磁砖等等。能清除最顽固的污迹,有普通磁砖洗洁剂4倍的清洁效能。


  • Dilution: Wear gloves is necessary.
  • Stubborn Stain: Apply on surface& scrub off.
  • Stain: Dilute 100ml (M.M.C.) to 100ml water.
  • Normal Cleaning: Dilute 100ml (M.M.C.) to 200ml water.
  • 稀淡法:戴上手套,如有需要。
  • 顽固污迹:倒少许(M.M.C.)于污迹然后洗刷即可。
  • 沾污:稀淡100ml (M.M.C.)于100ml 清水中。
  • 普通清洗:稀淡100ml (M.M.C.)于200ml 清水中。

Engine Degreaser

RM23.90 (500ml)

Engine Degreaser ideal for cleaning engine &machine. It remove grease, dirt and oil film from auto vehicle and truck engines. It is easily flushed off with water.


  • Make sure engine is cool condition. Spray engine especially dirty part. For best result, let degreaser penetrate and leave for 10 minutes, flushing off thoroughly with water (prefer Hijet water pump). Repeat if necessary.
  • 等到引擎冷却,把 Engine Degreaser 直接喷射在引擎表面稍等10分钟,用强力水泵冲洗,可以重复使用至到干净为止。

Jetsen Insect Repellent

RM23.90 (500ml)

  • Refresh 清新空气
  • Disinfects 杀菌
  • Deodorises除臭

Unique Lemon Grass formulated to effectively repel insects. It also refresh air, disinfects and deodorant leaving behind a clean, fresh & hygienic environment.



  • Spray directly on the areas infested with insects.
  • To deodorize, spray directly into the atmosphere.
  • Mop/wipe on areas where you need to enhance hygiene.
  • 直接喷洒在昆虫出现的地方。
  • 直接喷洒在空气中以除去异味。
  • 用拖把/布抹干净您需要加强卫生的地方。